7.9 MW
In operation
Turn Key Project
Fixed and Tracker

This project consists of a photovoltaic plant of 7,9 MW built in only one phase with different technologies:

500 KW were built with a fixed structure with monocrystalline panels, 2 MW with fixed structure and polycrystalline panels, 5 MW with fixed structure and thin film panels, 500 KW with two axis tracker and polycrystalline panels.

  1. Economic viability: There was a need to seek for partners to invest in the project.
  2. The difficulty of building a plant using different technologies.
  3. The need to seek for investors.
  4. Record time Construction: Ducotto is one of the largest solar plant in Sicily and it was built in less than six months (from June to November).

The plant of Ducotto was built in only one phase.

  1. Reduction of 8.900 tons of CO2 emissions per year.
  2. A total of 11.863 MWh of electricity are generated per year.
  3. The construction of this kind of plants generates employment in the region.