Financial Overview

X-ELIO is a brand new leading global developer of renewable energies that relies on a large expertise in the solar sector.

Renewable energies are well set to be the key energy sources and revolutionize the global energy market, and we are convinced that X-ELIO will be at the heart of it. We look forward to capturing the enormous potential of the renewable energies market together.

We are present in 18 countries with 300 MW of photovoltaic projects in operation or in construction. X-ELIO has participated in the development of over 600 MW of photovoltaic projects to date. The company combines all the elements that are needed to capture the dramatic increase in demand for solar energy: capital resources to invest in the long term, an entrepreneurial mindset, technology leadership and the ability to scale the business.

Compared to the main rivals in the market –industrial conglomerates, small-scale developers, construction companies, financial investors-, X-ELIO is the only one that combines the most important elements: the ability to aggressively scale the business, access to the capital resources to invest in the long term, an entrepreneurial mindset and top-notch technical expertise with a proven track record.

Gestamp Renewables forms part of Corporación Gestamp, the European leader in multinational steel services, automotive components, and clean, renewable energyCorporación Gestamp guarantees absolute financial solvency.

In 2013 Gestamp Solar assisted in the development of more than 500 MW photovoltaic solar installations. We have a Project Portfolio of 700 MW in the U.S., Italy, Spain, France, India, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Japan and South Africa.

Our aim is to continue expanding our business to those countries whilst meeting the safety, climate and growth conditions for the viability of such projects.

Gestamp Solar’s Investments 2011-2013

We project a turnover of €500M in 2013.

  • 2008: We began our activity in Spain with a great amount of trust and started our internationalization in Italy.
  • 2009: We faced a transition period with decreased activity in Spain, new projects in Italy, and the exploration of the U.S. market.
  • 2010: We boosted our investment in new international projects by creating an important portfolio in the U.S., strengthening the Italian projects and beginning operations in new markets such as France, India, South Africa and Peru.
  • 2011: We expect to reap the benefits of investment and operational activities conducted in previous years, whilst developing new projects and new markets.


Gestamp Solar´s Projects 2010-2013

We are developing projects totalling 700 MW in 2013.