X-ELIO publishes its 2015 Sustainability Report

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  • X-ELIO operates new parks in Marcovia (Honduras) with 42.4 MW, Fukuroda and Iwate (Japan) with 31.6 MW and 24.7 MW, respectively, and last year finished the construction of a park in Kuwait, managed by thirds.
  • In 2015, X-ELIO avoided the emission of 160,925 tons of CO2 to the atmosphere.

Madrid, November 7 2016. X-ELIO has published its Sustainability Report related to year 2015. Its structure and reach have been drawn up according to the guidelines established in the Global Reporting Initiative in its G-4 version, which includes a materiality study and counts on the GRI “Materiality Disclosures” certificate. Likewise, this year the company has renewed its support for and adhesion to the United Nations Global Compact.


X-ELIOS’s main activity is the development, construction, operation and maintenance of solar power plants integrating vertically all the components needed to guarantee its success.


Currently, the company has 36 solar parks in operation distributed among Spain, USA, Italy, Peru, South Africa, Honduras and Japan. Additionally, it has built the first solar park for third parties in Kuwait and is developing several projects in Brazil, Chile, Japan, Mexico and USA. In 2015, X-ELIO reached 278.35 MW of solar energy.


The main aspects for the stakeholders, as an outcome from the materiality study are:


Economic dimension”. Information about the development and financial strength, risks, ethic and compliance. With the incorporation of KKR in the company it is stablished a complete Compliance Program, to which there are dedicated human and economic resources needed for its implementation. In addition, it was defined the Compliance Office, responsible for its implantation, communication and resolution of conflicts.


Social dimension”. Brings together the most relevant aspects on employees, highlighting for its importance health and safety and the impact in the local community:


- X-ELIO relies in a team of 150 professionals. Fostering the employment of quality, the 73% of its staff has an indefinite contract.

-  According to Health and Safety among its professionals, along 2015 there were no accidents with leave in own personnel.

- X-ELIO contributes to create value in the communities where it operates. In 2015, its economic valued reached 648.9 million euros and performed several projects on social action, mainly in Honduras and South Africa. 


"Environmental dimension. It comprises the issues related to environmental management and climate change, being the most important according to the Materiality Study:


- A rigorous environmental management system in accordance with standard UNE-EN ISO 14001:2004 for “photovoltaic solar energy facility design, construction and commissioning” activities.

- Through the generation of 1,352,377 GJ of renewable energy, X-ELIO avoided the emission into the atmosphere of 160,925 tons of CO2.


Jorge Barredo, CEO of X-ELIO, states that “X-ELIO continues to grow in accordance with a responsible business model, based on a sector in which we truly believe: renewable energy as an inexhaustible supply of power”.




About X-ELIO

X-ELIO specializes in the development, construction, operation and maintenance of solar plants in the U.S., India, the Middle East, Japan, South Africa, South America, Italy, and Spain. In 2015, it achieved revenues of more than 186 million and currently has a cumulative production of more than 500MW. Currently it has in operation 36 solar parks and a presence in 18 countries. It reflects X-ELIO’s ambition to be a global industry leader with a consummate financial performance as well as a sustainable, renewable energy provider, dedicated to helping to cut greenhouse gases and fight climate change.


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