Southafrican Government awards 30 Photovoltaic Megawatts to Gestamp Solar

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(Madrid, December 16th 2011). Southafrica's Energy Department has awarded Gestamp Solar, photovoltaic solar division of Gestamp Renewables, two PV projects with a total power of 30 MW. Gestamp Solar will develop these projects, located in Northern Cape, with a local partner.

This has been the first major renewable energies auction in Africa. During Durban Climate Convention, Southafrica announced the awarding of a 1.5 MW.


Gestamp participates in the 5th Solar Renewable Energy India 2011 Expo, 10 to 12 August in New Dheli, India.

Corporacion Gestamp, Gestamp Solar

The 5th Renewable Energy India 2011 Expo is a global platform to jointly address policy initiatives and innovative finance models to accelerate development of collaborative R&D and technology transfers to India in the field of renewables.


The event is expected to attract 650 exhibitors, 200 speakers, 2000 conference delegates and more than 20,000 trade visitors from across the globe.


The event aims to bring together the world leaders in the field of renewable energy from governments, civil society, and private sector to provide an interactive forum to...

Gestamp Solar will manage over 29 MW in Italy in Joint Venture with Barclays European Infrastructure Italy

Corporacion Gestamp, Gestamp Renewables, Gestamp Solar

Madrid, June 27, 2011- Gestamp Solar, the photovoltaic divison of Gestamp Renewables, has closed a joint venture with the European investment fund of infrastructures which belongs to Barclays Italy, for a combine set of photovoltaic installations  that operate in Italy for a total of 29 MW. 

The solar Plant constructed by Gestamp Solar Italian branch in less than a year is located in the provinces of Lecce, Palermo, Enna and Siracusa and it is able to produce 44.000 MWh a year of clean energy, with over 135.000 solar panels installed. The electric energy produced will power 15,000...

Gestamp Solar will develop the world’s largest photovoltaic project in automotive history for Renault in France

Gestamp Solar, Corporacion Gestamp

Gestamp Solar, will develop the largest solar photovoltaic project within the automotive sector in the world, equipping Renault’s six French plants with solar panels.

  • This project covers Renault's main center in Douai, and also the ones in Maubeuge, Flins, Batilly, Sandouville and Cleon.
  • When it is fully completed, it will have a power of 60 megawatts, which is the equivalent to the total annual electricity consumption of a town with 15,000 inhabitants.
  • Thanks to this project, the use of this renewable energy will reduce CO2 emissions by 30,000 tons each year
  • ...

Hg Capital acquires solar plants from Gestamp Solar

Corporacion Gestamp

Hg Capital has acquired two photovoltaic plants in Spain; with this, the venture capital firm became the largest foreign investor in this type of renewable energy. The two acquired facilities belonged to Naturener and Gestamp Solar.

Therefore, the company has positioned itself first in the ranking of PV industry along with companies like T-Solar or Fotowatio.

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