Our activity

X-ELIO makes investments in assets and projects designed to produce energy from renewable sources

X-ELIO’s business is selling the solar energy generated by its parks. To this end, we focus our efforts on bringing on-line eco-friendly and highly profitable solar energy projects, offering solutions tailored to individual needs.

At X-ELIO we strive to grow as a stable and responsible company that acts sustainably in all the countries where we operate, whilst expanding our activity in countries that meet the safety, climate and growth conditions required for the viability of long-term projects.

Our sector is a significant driving force behind the economy, providing significant investments aimed at generating clean energy in a safe and stable way at a competitive and sustainable price. Along these lines, X-ELIO continues to grow thanks to the development of a long-term, solid and profitable integrated business model that offers flexibility to create value over the entire cycle.

Location of sitesLand preparationPlant operation
Feasibility studies.Supply of modules, structures and
Plant monitoring and maintenance
Project design and definitionTransport and assemblyGeneration of the information for
investors related to the plant activity.
Management of environmental and
operation permits and licenses
Negotiation with suppliers
Negotiations with land ownersProject legalization
Financial and investment analysis.

X-ELIO aspires to be a global leader in the industry with a solid financial return, as well as a renewable and sustainable energy supplier with a commitment to helping reduce greenhouse gasses and combat climate change.

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