Global Presence

X-Elio has rapidly become a recognized global player in photovoltaic space

The international expansion of X-ELIO began in 2009. Since 2009 X-ELIO has enjoyed steady growth in its business development network that allows it to get access to the best opportunities in its target markets

X-ELIO carries out most of its activity outside Spain, mainly in the OECD countries. Our international focus is reflected in the location of our staff. Of 190 employees, 70 are based in offices outside of Spain.

Since 2005, X-ELIO has designed and managed the construction of more than 78 solar photovoltaic plants in 12 countries. The company has rapidly become a recognized global player in the photovoltaic space with presence in USA, Middle East, Japan, South Africa, South America, Australia, Southeast Asia, Italy and Spain.

To date, X-ELIO has participated in the development of more than 2 GW in photovoltaic projects.

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